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Jeremiah Lorrig

Meet Your Tour Guide

Over a decade ago, on a trip with a classics professor in Rome, Jeremiah fell in love with cultural travel! Soon, others were asking him to take them to the places he had explored, and Time Traveling was born.

Jeremiah Lorrig
Travel, teaching, and trying new things

Unique Adventures with Jeremiah Lorrig

Hello! I am Jeremiah Lorrig! I am a student of history, a lover of art, a traveler, and someone who loves to teach! I’ve been teaching high schoolers about history, government, and civic engagement for over 10 years and love sharing some of that with you!

Time Traveling trips feature cultural learning with historical accuracy, while enjoying in the unique DNA of each adventure. We partner with professional travel agencies to ensure all the logistics work as seamlessly as possible. However, each trip is personally crafted with a mixture of must-sees, unique experiences which are guaranteed to hit things off the beaten path, and doing all of this with an attitude of adventure and discovery! Additionally, faith and delight in the mystery of this world are mixed with history, literature, art, and food in every trip to surprise and delight new and seasoned Time Travelers.

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Unique Adventures with Jeremiah Lorrig

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Group of friends on a tour being led by Jeremiah Lorrig
Great Wall of China

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